This. Book. Sucks.

The Breakup DiariesThe Breakup Diaries by Maya O. Calica

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"Since the split, you've gone out with:

a. Two boys - one that ended at 9pm and the other with your guy best friend, with whom you've realized you could never get it on with romantically."
b. ...
c. ...

Screw you, Monica Tanseco and your diary entries.

Yes, I've dated two guys:

One is a review friend from a distant past, we meet three years after passing the exams. What we were before, what we are now, what we will be in the future is the Talk. We see ourselves excelling in our respective fields. Yet alas, the date is bound to end at 8:30, since my shift starts exactly at 9PM.

The second is my closest guy since college, the man who supported me as we made our way to the summer classes and octoberian graduation. We have had the most awkward date ever with a movie called Breaking Dawn 2 (if you are following my twitter account, you should have known my trashtalking skills: RAISED TO INFINITY)

But yeah, screw the fate and unexpected events in this book. Too unrealistic. Too mushy. Too - 23. I guess 3 years difference aid in looking at a different perspective. Or maybe because the author mentioned this:

Mostly As: Go for it - but give it time.

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