Manong Xerox(es)

Seroks, Iteration 1: Mirror ManSeroks, Iteration 1: Mirror Man by David Hontiveros

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A collection of short stories interwoven in a flashback, geeky and dystopian future of the motherland. Hard to imagine the suits and the armors, the netheads and all that chips and codes inside your head. Piracy is rampant, I can imagine that. And also the typhoon and the Pinoy flicks and the corrupt actor who became the President of the bleak future Philippines. Very very good prose, since its inspiration came from a Palanca-award-winning story of Kaming Mga Seroks.

The most meaty story in the collection is Salbahe, the Twelfth Hour, and the Thirteenth Hour. Most of the action or movement came in these 3proses. The others, are actually fill-in details to give color in a historic setting, or a bridge-in to what has happened in the past and present.

The ending's open-ended, giving you an anticipating outlook to look forward to the next novel.

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