Shinkai's Graphic Journey - Byousoku 5 Centimeter

5 Centimeters per Second (5 Centimeters per Second, #1-2)5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's supposed to be 5-stars but you made an alternative ending - leaving it open-ended, instead. Why did the creator do that? Why didn't he stay loyal to what was in the movie?

But the feels. The lines. The panels. And the kiss. It remained melancholic and romantic. :)

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Kidism in Action - Hector's Travels

I first found this in Lucy's store (@_FullyBooked) 

And the book was so simplistic, written in the style of The Little Prince, but his adventures were so vast, you cannot just write a true review. So there you go, for one to appreciate happy-ness, one has to embark on a journey to search for its meaning. 

As we go along with life, we get tangled in a variety of emotions, of which, happiness seemed hard to find but easy to forget.