The First National Hero: Take One

Maktan 1521Maktan 1521 by Tepai Pascual

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Maktan. Ang aking bayan.
Ang islang sapilitang inaangkin ng mga dayuhan.
Ang islang may nag-iisang Lapu-lapu.
Ang aming Datu.
Ang aking ama.

The author might have declared that this work is considered a historical fiction, she gave justice to our Sugbu ancestors by bringing their culture and lifestyle into the limelight. She broke the convention of reiterating the events from Fernando Magallanes' travels, and focused rather on the people of our land.

This work reinforces my belief that the Chief of Mactan island is our very first hero. I am proud of Tepai for influencing me as a Pinoy Reader.

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