Neil Gaiman's Stardust

StardustStardust by Neil Gaiman
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I cannot believe this little book never let me sleep, rather, it made me dream in a world of Old England, of villages, or long black skirtles, hushed laughs, and gentlemen. It made me dream of walking in the meadows, riding unicorns and slaying bad witches. It made me dream of a true love - and if I may say sir Neil, you made me feel envious about this:

"They kissed for the first time then in the cold spring rain though neither one of them now knew that it was raining."

How ironic that I did not feel that kind of first kiss. Of all the first kisses that I felt, it was not raining.

This book is recommended for the kids who like magic and black large pots. Who like ships and captains and dances and music and folklore in general. Most of all, this is recommended to those who want a break-out from all the harsh realities - and wanted a simple escape.

When I was walking with my teammates I carried and read a part of this book, not minding the darkness of the streets, with little light from the lamp posts of the Burgos Circle guiding me as I read Neil's letters. I have no questions of how loud and boisterous the laugh of my seatmates in a restaurant that would have made me feel annoyed last night - but I cannot help myself to get my eyes read the book's letters and fill my mind with such imaginations of a floating ship named Heart of a Dream maneuvered by Captain Yann.

The only weakness that I encountered as I read the novel is my moments of comparing this with the movie version. Beware reader, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE DISAPPOINTED.

In addition, every event is too sudden. I wasn't expecting that the ship's sail will fall short. I was expecting the otherwise. I was hoping to see on the intensity of how much Tristran has grown since I cannot easily imagine them, especially if it was driven by "suddenlies". Suddenly he was on this place, suddenly he was walking, suddenly he was floating. everything went on suddenly. T_T

But do not despair my friend, for this is one goodread.

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