Rango: The Novel (Screenplay by John Logan)

Rango: The NovelRango: The Novel by Justine Korman Fontes
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was fortunate to get a hold of this and purchase it at Php10 during a sale in the Powerbooks Shang-rila Mall branch.

Rango is about a once-stranded chameleon in the Mojave Desert. He met Roadkill, who was seeking the magical Spirit of the West to find the precious supply of water in the town of Dirt. He meets Beans who became his escort to the town center.

The Old West town, headed by the Mayor (who holds the remaining water reserves), appointed him as the Sheriff after his accidental fame of beating the outlaw named Bad Bill.

Then everything else was an irony. He blew his first job by letting the thieves got a hold of the town's remaining water reserves. Did he get the chance to redeem himself? Did he become a hero after all this?

What I felt at the time reading this was inexplicably bored. The book lacks the voice of Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher and Alfred Molina as the principal characters. It lacks the comedy due to the lack of descriptive words. After all, I believe this is better seen in a flick, than read in a book.

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