Trina Paulus' Hope For The Flowers

Hope for the Flowers Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus
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This allegory is totally amazing! Good thing there's a free blog containing this short story. For those who wanted a free read, you may refer to this link.

Review and Reflections:

I was spending my idle time in my office desk. Thinking of something short yet worthwhile to read. I've read some articles about CJ on Trial Drama, Lady Gaga Concert, and Jessica Sanchez's potential to win this season's AI. When I went to this site and a friend rated this five stars, I searched for the free text of this book.

The story started with Mr. Stripe, curious about the pile of caterpillars having the desire to reach the top. During his climb, and in an unexpected moment, he met Ms. Yellow. Both having no idea what lies ahead, they decided to spend time together in the meantime, being with each other and enjoying each other's company. Until one day, boredom came. Mr. Stripe desired more. And so Ms. Yellow let go, respecting his decision - and moving on.

When circumstances led Ms. Yellow into greater heights, she searched for Mr. Stripe. She searched, found, then waited for Mr. Stripe to realize the desires of Ms. Yellow's heart. Then one day, finally, they became the hope for the flowers.

I want to feel the moment when Mr. Stripe met Ms. Yellow. Ms. Yellow was weak and fragile then, yet Mr. Stripe decided to be with her side since being together means being stronger against any challenge. But what if one day, he feels the boredom? the monotony? What if he wants more? With this fragile heart, should I be able to let go and move on without him?

And when I meet him in some distant future, broken and messed-up, will I be able to forgive and forget, and able to help him up?

I may not know these things yet, but I hope one day when I become as iridescent as a butterfly - we would see each other, would help each other, and would be the next hope for these wonderful flowers. :)

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