Of Neverending Chats and Of Being Alive

AttachmentsAttachments by Rainbow Rowell

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"There are moments when you can't believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with absolutely knowing that something wonderful is happening."

Told in a combination of epistolary episodes and third-person narrative, Attachments is about two closefriends and workmates chatting about anything under the sun, and an IT guy who oversees these correspondences. (Yes, if you are an IT guy, especially assigned to data and systems security, you may cringe at this book. Because you are hired to read all sorts of messages.) But this one is not only about mails and Y2K and eavesdropping, it is also about dealing with physical insecurities, freakish habits, nagging parents and popcorn treats. It is about Serendipity, of When Harry Met Sally, and of top-secret jobs such as correcting articles and prepositions.

I remember a friend who I regularly chat with in the office - talking about her dadi and my ex-sir, talking about our talkative mothers and our career paths, and how our college life used to fill with insecurities and liberalism. We both wondered why we only met in the workplace, why fate didn't allowed us to meet on the same college. And to take note, her dadi is my college friend!

I would not splurge tidbits of episode of the two girls, named Beth and Jennifer, and why Lincoln felt alive reading their back-and-forth-messages. To note, not even online chat was not yet live in their firm - and they settle themselves with throwing e-mails. You may say this is so 1999, because yes, it is set in 1999, in the middle of preparing code securities, back-ups and contingency plans.

My friend and I started throwing STMs (same time messages) since I started working as a Fund Accountant (and she, an internet banker), and we do our never-ending chismis and updates there. If there will be an IT security who will flag our conversations, he won't be able to stop us - this technology is very much needed for our production - all other things are, I daresay, coincidental.

After all, if this IT guy flags our messages - I'll throw him this book instead. And let him believe in songs like Suddenly It's Magic.

Cheesy, I know. But he needs to read this. He has to be.

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