The Fault In Our Stars Makes Me A Completist

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay. My sister and I read this book and we both rated this 2.5 stars, initially.

AFTER THE DISCUSSION with my sister, I think it is rightfully deserving to give this book three stars, because of John Green's growth to his formulaic composition of his books. As this book marks the completion of reading his works (I am not that kind of geeky fan, so please spare me from your antagonistic approaches in life - and in general), I am about to say that I loved the concept of telling the tale of a girl in a first person perspective, and of sharing her sentiments of her journey though her sickness and discovery of her favorite novel and of her quotable quotes from her boyfriend Augustus.

1. Plot - of dying and of living the remaining years ahead - YES; THIS DESERVES A TEAR OR TWO. My sister and I felt unfair; why Hazel Grace? why her? People like her who are about to face their own personality issues, about to define their resolve, bombard themselves with college and about to DREAM BIG - Why them? Because the author tells us that we should be happy for what we are. We are to mark our difference in this world, but to leave a happy or a remorseful one rests upon us.

2. Character development - I've see her growth, how her "seemed post-normalcy-forever-medicated-condition-and-always-stuck-with-parents-as-her-bestfriends" life thrust-ed into a Cancer Support Group, and attracted at first sight with Gus. But the tone of her voice is too Americanized teen, I guess. She can never speak like Landon in this book, or she can never be like Jamie, and I can never justify the similarities between this book and that because they are different stories altogether (but having Cancer as the plot). It may give appeal to speak in "geeky-phrases" to some people, but to me, I think it somewhat kills the spirit of tears.

3. Quotable quote to remember -
Pain Demands to be Felt

Yeah, this hit me a lot. Pain cannot be described through mere words, or this review, or through the tears I have shed while reading some of the parts, but yes, I learned to symphatize with them.

I am over tears (and the book) though, I does not leave much of the stigma like this book that I cried over days and days of asking why and how and why all over again.

Dear John Green, the ending left me hanging, like, asking myself, "IS THAT IT? NO OTHER WAY TO CLOSE THIS?" and felt indifferent. Unlike the other books that lingered, this one just stopped. I may not get the philosophy that you want to impart, and forgive me for not getting your message but yeah, the end felt indifferent.

And as this marks the end of all your creations, may I rate the books that you made?
a. Paper Towns - BEST RESOLVE EVER! and the comedy is nice
b. Abundance of Katherines - Of doodle thingies and mathematical equations, I was entertained and I understood each and every rationale of those graphs you represented. In addition, the message you wanted to give to your readers is so apparent, it hit me bull's eye.
c. Fault in our Stars - maybe this considers as the "growth" from the first three books that you made (female, first-person, abroad trip (using planes) and cancer) and you made me cry, but the convincing and lingering "powers" are not enough
d. Looking for Alaska - It doesn't appeal to me, It may appeal to younger generations of me; after all, you have a market to appeal to, yes?

I still love you, dear author, for you have the power to create things. YOU ARE A WRITER. And I give you kudos for giving an entertaining read to each and every reader. :)

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  1. Ako lang yata ang matanda na nagbigay ng 5 stars sa TFIOS. HAHA

  2. Kulang kasi ang impact eh. I dunno. Walang luha. sayang sayang.