ARMS Team Returns To Boracay

Yes, we were that rich because in a span of wee three months, the whole team went back to the island paradise - now tagging our American mentor along.

His arrival means a Pinoy dinner treat, so if you remembered our welcome party here, he's the guy seated beside me. Second weekend we went Chinese foodie and seafood market shopping (and I don't want to remember the badvibes no more). So onward to the La Isla Bonita~ 

The bestest sunset ever is still in Boracay baby~
Here are the rest of the pictures. I was happy to return to the island, knowing that years ago,  it was only in my dreams that I will be able to go to this place. Good thing my godmother is an Aklanon, and a teammate too - and we were able to get freebies and discounts in travelling and accommodations. We were able to explore some cheaper goodies and go bar-hopping with all  those network of friends that we have.

AND BEST OF ALL - I DID NOT PLAN ANYTHING! It was such good vibes that you were able to just be tagged along, rather than plan things and hear all those negative comments. And to note, I ain't a whiny one, so I just enjoyed whatever the itinerary is. It was worth the laughs and the smiles and the pictures of us chasing the chance of having the sight of the wonderful sunset.

Airport shots: Waiting for boarding, cannot wait for beach-bumming

Very tired of long-distance travel... 

Night-life on a Saturday night: We dressed our best and go bar hopping and strolling on the shore. Nothing special. :P

Sundate: We finally got the chance to SWIM! YES - SWIM in the cold sea. The first time we went to the island, we just took our time to do all kinds of water activities. This time around, we were able to do beach bumming... and pictures, still. HAHAHA

HOME: We have to have this kind of picture. LOL

Next is the ATV tour as we go to the highest point of the island and took pictures and do the art of "moment-ing". Then the banana boat kind of sucked because nobody fell. It was exhilirating, though. :) 

The art of "moment-ing": Use the beautiful scenery as your background and do what you are told

Achieving the perfect jumpshot will never be perfect. HAHAHAHA

We survived the skyride that defied the law of motion and laws of physics by using bodyweight and praying outloud. Worth all of those laughs.
Kuma-Candid Modelling: LIKE A BOSS

Silver linings and his version of shadow-play
Loco-promoters: We have had our coldest shots ever! :)
[Again, the Banana boat kinda sucked. HAHA, but we have the pictures to treasure with. 

 Kuma-candid: Him with all the quirky smiles


And yeah, madam Ella had her tattoo the second time around. :D
Tattoo by the bay: My Name in Alibata and the sun! :)
At nighttime we took our seafood diet and chilled by the bay. Ella, as the Ate of the team, became too tired to stay up until midnight and went ahead returning to the hotel and dozed off. The others joined the nightlife band and went milk party or something. 

Afternoon photoshoot - at random:

Too bad we have to return to the real life Manila on Monday since we have tons of workloads waiting for us. -______________-

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