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"Duty comes in many forms; at times duty to country may conflict with duty to the family. Yet, with a lucid mind the guises can be torn away and in the end, duty becomes but one, and that is duty to value justice above everything - to do what is right and not because someone ordains it, but because the heart which is the seat of truth decrees it so." - Eustaquio Samson, PO-ON

We have not only a hobby, but also an advocacy. We as booklovers tried this approach to have a site visit of where the story happened - especially if the novel is a historical fiction made by a Filipino Author.

Told in our secondary language, this book is about the adventures of Eustaquio Istak Salvador (latter, Samson) and his exodus from Po-On to Rosales, Pangasinan; his sentiments of living life with family, or his passions and miseries, consequences of his actions, and love for his family, his woman named Dalin and ultimately, for his motherland.

As F. Sionil Jose writes his award-winning book, he taught us the different perspectives of love and justice, and how it applied from a simple farmer to an intelligent cripple and to a young general. The story of the setting meanwhile showed us what life was from those days and how it changed from then to now.

Unfortunately, there is no Balete tree or the author's ancestral home. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our field trip. I, who does not like travelling much, felt refreshed from going out of towns and have a different sight to see. We also swam in the dam. YAY SWIMMING! :)

Enough of story-telling: LET THESE TELL YOU THE REST.

San Antonio De Padua Parish: They need help. They need donations to restore the whole chapel for it is slowly decaying. We hope that the others can help them too. 

 Complete attendance? Not really. Most of the book club members are students, and due to exams, projects and other commitments of student life, they have to prioritize. But other members have different stories, have different professions. There is a barista (Ayban), bankers (Clai and Ella), writers/producers (Jzhun and Biena), legal/technical staff (Phoebe and Po), manager (Doni), and teachers (Ben, who is a call center agent in the meantime; and Berto, are you really a teacher? HAHA)

Santo Antonio De Padua

 Dagta, anong lasa mo? 

Presidencia in Plaza

The barista and the banker

Rosal in Rosales

Payak na Padyak: Rosales, Pangasinan have jeepneys and tricycles, but this is their novelty vehicle.

There is no Balete Tree, but this is the biggest tree in the Plaza

The Photographer-slash-banker poses with the writer, or just his bust.

The attendees of the field trip

Bumo-boyband. Barakos posed and laughed along

Babaetang: Girls posed in the staircase

"Asan ang banner?" -Pasensya na po, Ms. Bebang! :P

Jzhun Mraz AKA Bruno Mars: His Pasyon

Dalin sa Bintana: Banker Ella poses as the female protagonist and re-enacts (and then laughs) the hinted episodes of "They did some things to me."

Plaza where Presidencia is situated

Acop Dam: One of the tourist spots of the city. We played and enjoyed our side trip. 

The field trip is a definite fun! We hope the others can go with us the next time around. :)

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