From Ranting to Rethinking

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In here, I will be able to relax the policy of Php1.00/word and be able to freely write my sentiments to Alan Navarra’s work.

Try to read this book. And if you want to own a copy, it will only cost you Php200 (the number of words in my other review).

Dumot is an illustration – a perfect manual for imploding one’s angst toward his boss, his work, and his anti-social-non-growing resolve. And his will to get out. As a reader, you are able to see irate and angst-y episodes of Michael Perez as an Assistant Department Head of a Communications Division.

Do you see the paradox? He is not able to rant freely because he has to be careful with words. He is, after all, an assistant to the Department Head. He has to kiss-ass – all the time.

Just like those people who want to go up the corporate ladder, one needs to hone political skills. Because the general truth about the corporate world is that managers are the most hated people by most of the workforce. I remember my office mates, both from previous and current work, who do this kind of imploding, and sometimes, when they are at their limit, confiding (and NO, confidential IS confidential, apologies) to me as their stress outlet. 

(Good thing I have my book clubs as my sweet escape!)

Actually, page 1 will make you feel intrigued. The next few pages will make you feel so angry that you either: (a) lose your patience and drop the book; (b) read and rant at the same time; or (c) patiently reading it with excruciating pain. I cannot help but take the second choice. Then comes some statements that are true to the heart, and you cannot deny that at one episode (or maybe at your lowest point) of your life you said the same sentiment.

Being prudent or not, the trash-talks are trash at first, and then you tend to like it too, in a way inexplicable. Maybe because you are slowly turning into Michael Perez, seeing what he sees, feeling what he feels.

From the letter formats, to memo notations, to application forms, to upset alphabetical definitions and “floating thingies”, you learn to love this creation for this is not a novella or a comic book – this is a different type of non-linear illustration. It may not be an excellent read, but it is an excellent example of how an employee faces the toxicity and monotony of a corporate setting – with all the overwhelming workloads, superfluous bosses, tall buildings and never-ending traffic – to the point of just quitting.


1. I am a new fan of the author. 
I tweeted him, and he replied. 
(batch 1 of tweets, reading style: bottoms-up; batch 2, reading style: top-to-bottom)

I cannot help but gush when he added this picture:

2. He's now my friend in facebook, so I can insta-link this review to his profile page.
3. I promised to read his other works, for the sake of "research".
5. "Floating thingies" remind me of the negative spirits that are willing to eat those who can see. Like this guy:
Watanuki being chased by the bad spirits - xxxholic episode 1 by CLAMP

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