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Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog, a literary fiction nominated for 2009 Man Asian Prize literary, is a puzzling book. Inspired by non-linear plots of Murakami, and other authors cited in this work, the book is a surprise in itself. When I first read it, I wasn't able to put it down. I kept of looking and looking and try to solve its questionable episodes (so-called as such since you cannot simply build a plot in this novel) - but at the end, I felt betrayed. Egay Samar left me hanging. And I felt frustrated, since there is no resolution or whatnot. 

Maybe this frustration - echoed with my life episodes that left hanging - gave Egay a clue to give this message to me, as he wrote his dedication to my copy of the first edition by Anvil publishing.

Kay Ella, 
Kung bakit madaling makalimot ang Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog ng lagi nating pagkalunod sa nagdaan.
Sinasadya ang lahat. 
-Egay :)

Anyways, I don't feel angst-y anymore, or I shall not express my frustration for not getting the ending that I wanted to. For this is another story.

Actually, the Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books is a book club in goodreads that loves field trips. We treat each other like students major in Philippine literature and appreciating the life and works of each and every author. This time around, we went to the countryside~ to the town where Egay Samar grew up - San Pablo, Laguna.

San Pablo is a quiet town, but also famous for its enchanting seven lakes. We went to the most famous twin lakes - Yambo and Pandin. And of course, we went swimming to that huge basin of 100+ feet deep.

No, I am not making you feel envious - I want you to come and do the same. Join us, in learning the book, the author, and its associated activity - the field trip. :)

The twin lakes of Pandin and Yambo

Other shots of the peaceful Pandin

Book-lovers with author Egay Samar
And we have to have photos of us swimming - JUST BECAUSE :)

And photos of sailin' - maybe for their facebook profile pages, haha

And this, actually not for profile page, but because readers say that I looked more of a volleyball varsitarian, rather than a lake swimmer. Maybe I was one of the Diwata?
Egay said that Tilapia is abundant here in San Pablo, maybe that's why Ayban took a pose
The discussion, the gush, and the nails!
And the last photo where we are dry and happy and interested with Orange and Egay's love-life from yesteryears 

Oh how I wish we can do this often. :)
Photos are owned by Doni Oliveros. You may see his wide selections of 1001-books-before-you-die here

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