Busy with Life and Stuff?

Yes and No.

Apologies for not being able to blast all my book reviews during these months. I cannot explain much, but a lot has happened this year... so far. HAHAH.

To recap?

March  - The Bank's Model Office Migration and after-office party. HEH. Relating to the newest team, we officially went live last 08 April 2014, meaning as an Accountant, we are now in charge of those off-shored processes from the other side of the world. I am no vampire accountant, but rather, I felt like an overworked student. Yes, a throwback of the Graduate School years.

And who am I to betray my itchy feet? I explored the Taal Volcano - up close and personal. The grandest #LakeCeption in the country, I stepped to that isle (crater's smallest isle) within a lake (crater lake) within a land (taal volcano) within a lake (Taal Lake) within a land (Batangas and Laguna).

April  - "Life's a Beach", as my banker friend said in his Young Blood article, we enjoyed the first wave of the Pinoy Summer vacation. Back-to-basic-beach-camping: including the bath problems and beach bumming. I learned the lessons that we cannot gather from book-reading - Burot Beach, Batangas. (Vanity? I wore that beach hat with the shadow play!)

May - PALAWAN AND SAGADA! Summer getaways that made my wish of being a mermaid came into life. These provinces will slap you the marvel of the mighty being. Swimming and Spelunking - check! And GOOD FOOD!!! Yes, with emphasis, because of all those junkies we city-peeps eat, seeing those fresh fruits and veggies makes your appetite jump for no reason. (If I have the blogging momentum reignited, I might make a separate post. In the meantime...)

"Lulubog-lilitaw sa Saradong Hukay": Aqua shoes at the Luli Island, Hundas Aguas, Puerto Princesa
"Hello, Mr. Sun" - higher than Pulag - Kiltepan Viewpoint, Sagada, Mountain Province
Spelunking Success: Ayban's element is earth and mine's water
June - YOLO BACKPACKING - Jumped 5 provinces in 9 days. Just because I woke up and said to myself that it's time to roam my own motherland, just like what I did more than two years ago in the other side of the world. 

Perfect view and place to play with the Dolphins, yay!

July - Cultured-like-Yakult escapades. NO ONE CAN STOP MY ITCHY FEET, even during the season of heavy Manila rainfall. American independence means time to roam the art galleries within the city. 

Ola! One of the best creations of the younger generations of artists - I named this "Ang Nawawala". The artist claimed it to be the 'objectification of his shy charater' as I asked him the rationale of this wire sculpture.

AND MAKE AN ART! Life of the bourgeoisie, haha. For three hours we channeled our artistic persona. I guess we did it. HINDI NA MAUULIT HAHAHA, I simply lacked that artistic side. I am an accountant, I was programmed to be more logical than artistic; more analytical than creative.

August - Cinemalaya X - a decade of Revolution for indie movies. I watched J.E. Tiglao's short film entitled "Mga Ligaw na Paruparo", internalized Jerrold Tarog's Mariquina, and drowned with Ten17p's production of Dagitab. It might take ten years to get the Pinoy public engaged with the festival, but it was worth it. Participating in the hype for the second time made me appreciate the aesthetics of the indie films. 

Wait, I did say Pinoy Pride. We also attended 9Work's adaptation of the Boston Musical, The Last Five Years, starring Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes.

Bookish escapades, eh?

The first quarter of the year dedicated to reading most of the underrated graphic novels. Come second quarter are the summer vacation travels and the full-blast marathon of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.

Yea, not exactly a fan of Graphic Novels, but I am a fan of folklore and plots that are difficult to put into sketches. I might not give justice to the raves I have had with the 75 Chapters, but I wish to recollect my thoughts and properly write a homage to the personified ideas. FOR THE LOVE OF MURPHY! 

And no, I did not forget the monthly meet-ups of the Book Club. Inasmuch as I can, I participated in the Face-to-face discussions. Celebrated anniversary gathering and did the athletic amazing race...

became the Late Logger for the Modernist novel...

acted as the mute non-reader for the Flip-a-coin-like-adventure...

transformed into a loud commentator to the Classic serialized fiction...

and impersonated a hormonal drunkard who talks about sex frustrations of the feminist!!! 

So... to answer if I am busy with life and stuff? HELL, YEAH. There you go, I hope you enjoyed this random ramblings of whatever is happening with me recently. I love all of these people who keeps me engaged in the activities that simply provide the breakout from all the negative vibes.

Holler to the respective owners of some of the group photos. To Meliza, Ycel, Rhena and Monique! See you soon~

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