Courtship Matters

I listened to Joshua Harris' sermon yesterday through the net. It was so refreshing listening to his lessons regarding love, relationship, and courtship. Even though he barely knowns me [duh! kelan ba pumunta ng Philippine si Joshua Harris?!?] for me, he is a good adviser especially to the single beings.

He said in his sermon titled "Courtship Smourtship" that there are Four Areas that are needed to build a healthy and warm courtship. This addresses some misconceptions people can have in their 'ideal courtship' and makes us realize that there are biblical principles to be applied in relationships...

Oh yeah, the four aspects are: Genuity, Discernment, (Brotherly or Sisterly) Affection, and Honor. These are based on Romans 12: 9-10.

Joshua Harris defines courtship as purposely considering another person in marriage (that is my understanding! XD).He also said that a man doesn't just take the girl, rather, he's wooing over the woman (woo means to gain love of a woman with a view of marriage). I love the part when he tackled about the Affection, where he address the inhibitions of the men today - that it is okay to invite a girl for a lunch or dinner or just a coffee break, it doesn't mean that you're already in 'that' stage (in Filipino, okay lang daw magsabay kumain, hindi naman ibig sabihin, kayo na!) ; also the part when he addresses the miscommunication part - Joshua said, "Let a man be your brother and don't assume that there is more to friendship unless the guy actually said it IN MOUTH to you!" [god! i'm laughing my lungs out when i heard that from him].

Anyway, even though I'm not physically present in the church when he preached these things, still I believe listening to him just through the net makes me feel like I'm being personally addressed at... [still can't move on, still laughing my heart out each time I remember the quote above]

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