Happy Valentines 2012

Happy puso everyone~! This is one of the photos that my sister give her lover on this special day. Not the exact photo with text and 1960s effect, but the original shot. This is too cute to post. Too cute.

A Valentine gift to meself - a cancelled date, a weird workshift, and a hope that my dream guy will ask me for a date. Not immediately confess, but a dinner is enough. Will treasure that moment forever. :)

Three years ago I used to talk with officemates about looking for the one. I guess when you are getting older you tend to be lesser intense on that adrenalin rush and romance-intensive phases. You just tend to befriend the one you really like. And simply, grow to each other - in friendship and in love (but not the kind of love that would make you write long novels and romantic letters).

I am alone at the moment, but not really lonely. Maybe I'm just too excited to be found by the guy I really really REALLY like. Or maybe he's planning his moves, why not? Or maybe I am very picky.

Yeah, I am picky. That's why until now I never have had any serious relationship. I go entertain their thoughts and fantasies, but didn't immerse too much. Dates and flings are all I have in my memory box. Ha ha. 

Someday we'll know. Someday. And I'll always remember that day that he'll arrive. 

Again happy valentines day! :D

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