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That Kind of GuyThat Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is not about chemistry. It is about certainty.
I guess I have had that figured out when I read that the lead character made a mistake with her boyfriend the first time around.

Review and Reflections:

I grabbed a copy of the book since the author will be arriving at the event that I'll be coming too, soon enough. And for me to have a pep talk with Mina Esguerra, I shall at least know what are her books, and how does she write.

This is the first book that I read from her and I actually liked it. Thus, the rationale of three stars.

The story can be read in one sitting. It is about Julie, single after her 11-month relationship with Anton, and over the 7 months of moving on, she has her book of exes, containing names, professions, and whatnots of girl who met his ex after the break-up. Why so? It is for her to justify that her decision then is valid and correct until now.

Can I just say? That book is trash. Because that book, in the first place, is not her decision. It is just a back-up document.

Let me have a liberty of elaborating my views as I reflect to the characters. After all, this is my review, not yours.

I was never a Julie, a manang, because in my high school days I have had an identity crisis. When I overcame it, academics overwhelm my emotional challenge and personality make-over. I was "okay" (geeky girl) when I graduated high school. I was okay when college came.

But I decided to be Anton the moment the Epic-fail-three-day-affair ended. Too much information as my friends would say, but I met men on a bus stop, on a coffee shop, while eating cake, while crying over a romantic read, and most of all, on gimmick places where the motto is makuha ka sa tingin. Some girls may not understand this, but this is more of a breakthrough for me. That I can do what guys can do. And believe me, that felt liberating.

But as I grow more mature, the set-up grows more and more tiring. And if I have had one shot of a genuine relationship - I shall try my best to be a Julie-at-the-moment-I-am-with-him.

Then, a Julie-kind-of-guy-arrived, take me to dates, say some things, then fly away. Just because of a Julie-kind-of-issue: CONFIDENCE

That is why I cringe and do "singhal" at the moment I read about Julie not being confident on what she's wearing, and Harry noting that he's underdressed. Because they are not confident about themselves. That is why I am mad a these characters carrying prejudice and back-up documents - support systems that can back the decisions they made. For Julie, its her turning-down the offer Anton made; and For Harry, its the generalization of "people like him" (pertaining to Anton).


Dear reader, Mina enlightened us that romance - or even life-changing decisions - do not need a back-up. THEY NEED CONVICTION. That is why Julie chose to go to Anton's house, talk to him, stare at the ceiling, and pray for the challenges with them that lie ahead.

It's automatic. When you decide, you don't think at a fast pace. You don't underthink; or YOU DO NOT overthink, either. You analyze, weigh the consequences - convince yourself first, then DECIDE. People do not decide before they can convince themselves that it is right, IT IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If the decision is not right on your end, Get disappointed. Grieve. Cry and drink it out. Shout it to your friends. Simmer in the bitterness. You have that right.


Dear Mina, I liked the character set-up you did in the story. But I wish to have it the other way around. If that happens I shall give it more stars. We can talk about what I really mean when we have the chance to meet soon. See you! :)

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