James Patterson's Sundays at Tiffany's

Sundays at Tiffany'sSundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson
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If I was Jane what will I do to release myself from the jaded mediocre life..? This is how Patterson will teach me - through this novel.

I found the book online and placed it in my handheld gadget. As soon as it was stored I get comfortable on my bed and started reading. Enjoying the moments, both happy and sad, it made me realize some things.

Review and Reflections:

[Entry made to wisely spend the slack time in the wee hours in the morning.]

There are a lot of times that I am surrounded with childhood friends, playing laro ng lahi when facebook, or even friendster was not yet a hype in Manila. We work our assignments together, play our games together, even run some errands together. We have owned such precious moments, and it will forever stay in our hearts.

That is why I cried a tear when Michael told Jane that her 9th birthday is the last day he will stay with her, thus, the end of his assignment. Whatever will happen to Jane from that night on? Michael told us that Jane will simply forget that he arrived and became her friend.

But you know what? Such treasure etched in her heart. As well as in mine.

Fast forward and Jane is a messed-up. She is supposed to be living thirty, flirty and thriving but hell, she is with her mom and acting "okay" with her boyfriend named Hugh who is an actor - living the life "okay" though she is crying inside. Depressed and on the brink of tears, she took down a memory lane and finally, to where her happiest moment was - taking a large sundae on a Sunday afternoon across Tiffany's.

Suddenly it felt right. But what about Michael? Is he real?

I will not elaborate the lovey-dovey parts of the story for I do not want to spoil the magic, but Patterson taught us to not forget, and no matter how tough the situation is, holding on to the happiest moment is the key to make it all right.

We have the power of attraction, a successful mantra that whatever challenge we are facing, we are to undergo and survive all this. In life and in love, the mantra is so powerful, it can mold faces and make two total strangers look like the same over the years. It can leap through time, transcend through generations, and fly sky-high.

I may not yet experience the kind of love that does not forget, but I have my power of attraction as my weapon. And believe me, I can give you one too. What you need is to BELIEVE.

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