Yes, I believe in Love

Lovestruck: Singles EditionLovestruck: Singles Edition by Ronald Molmisa
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Hi Cary,

Thank you for recommending this book. I really enjoyed reading it. And discussing this with Mum and Kitty (my little sister) was totally awesome.

I believe in love. I believe it to be transaparent (black or white,no gray areas, no issues) and true and it is God's will for us to be intimate. I believe for a purposeful singleness. And I believe in our will to take courage and love another person so purely with nothing to expect in return.

I believe in prayers for a fateful time. I believe in our will to take risks. I believe in faith and fate.

I believe in love, Cary. I believe that maybe all these heartaches were life lesson on how to deal with life, on how to resolve our personal issues, and how to be be hopeful for the moment.

I believe that God is grooming my man to be man enough to face me and take the road we both longed for. :)

This is so Joshua Harris. A man-friend / superfriend that pats me in the back and tells me that it is okay to cry and ponder. And much much easier to restart your life and be back on the road. There maybe linger on some instances or memories that you cannot "just turn them off", but you know that you can do some things because there is more to life than what you are now.

Thanks again, Cary. We shall wait for our partners when the time comes. :)

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