Legendary Love and Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison CountyThe Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
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How can love be legendary?

Is it how much you love the person? Is it how much you are willing to risk? Is it how much you are not able to forget?

Review and Reflections:

The simplicity of the prose and the shortness of the composition may give you the wrong impression of this book. You may find this short and not sweet. Or maybe disappoint your romantic side, but little did you know that this little book can bring you to tears, no matter how short-lived the story was.

It is about Frannie, a middle-aged woman, lonely at 45, who wanted to have the same passion - the same spark when she have had her life back in Maples, Italy. Of teaching and living life, of facing risks not minding the consequence, she found the 4-day-adventure with Robert Kincaid, a 52-year-old divorced photographer who considers himself the last cowboy.

It is about of the quiet setting that brings them together, the summer wind that blends them together, and their dreams that binds them forever.

I will not elaborate the cheesy part of the story but here is what will strike you the most:
“If not for your father and the two of you, I would have gone anywhere with him, instantly. He asked me to go, begged me to go. But I wouldn’t, and he was too much of a sensitive and caring person to ever interfere in our lives after that.

The paradox is this: If it hadn’t been for Robert Kincaid, I’m not sure I could have stayed on the farm all these years. In four days, he gave me a lifetime, a universe, and made the separate parts of me into a whole. I have never stopped thinking of him, not for a moment. Even when he was not in my conscious mind, I feel him somewhere, always he was there.”


It is for us to realize what are the things we can do for the sake of love. No reasons. No inhibitions. Just because.

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