Book Trip 2013: Día del Libro

Last year, I realized that book-shopping in groups is more fun. And so I did it again! This time around, I've got the logistical advantage since it is nearer my residence. YES, this year, it was held in Bonifacio Global City. Tambling mula bahay, tambling mula office - yahoo! 

Dia Del Libro 2013, held last 20 April 2013 at the Bonifacio High Street

Lookie! Spanish books floating around the walkway. Nice exhibit! 
Día del Libro is the Spanish translation of Book day, where all books are sold at a discount. In exchange of every book purchase, you will receive a rose - a sign of gratitude for patronizing the event. The program is being held annually, sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes - Manila, a non-profit organization created by the Spanish Government in 1991. Spanish culture will forever embedded in our being as a Filipino, together with the interest in literature.

I may not understand Spanish language in books - it doesn't matter, since the major bookstores are also joining the event. Not only that - F. Sionil Jose's Solidaridad Bookstore is one of the stores participated! Oh, how I remember my first time. 

To add some of the fun fun fun - my books are signed by the author himself! And the box giveaway for the Rosales Saga "completist" have been signed too! I also have my 30 seconds of fangirling with the author. 

"My name is Ella. Betos is the family name. I think it is Spanish-sounding, don't you think?"
"Sir, please sign the box, too - I'm about to give it as a gift to a die-hard fan of yours!"
Having this conversation with him is priceless. He is so smart, and at 89, you see all his works being appreciated not only by the kababayans and kapwa Pinoys, but the foreigners, as well. Ermita is one challenging read, but it is also a bestseller - the name itself gives appeal and rings noodle of the readers.
He laughs as I give him my ultimate fan-girling punchline
My 30-second fangirling session:
Ella: Sir, forgive me for being so forward and frank, but I love your prose - especially those quotable quotes about SEX! (flashing a huge grin)
F. Sionil Jose: Hahaha, pambihira! Hahaha
Ella: Siguro lover-boy ka noong bata, ano po?
F. Sionil Jose: Don't you see? Even now, I am that lover-boy still. Hahaha!!!

"Sir, picture-picture."
After the book-signing-slash-fangirling session, we walked along and we took lots of pictures. We bookish friends simply felt infinite that night. Hanging out, girl-and-boy-talking and book-browsing, and being silly and having all the joys, without the pressure whatsoever. For me, it is in this peer that I felt the beauty of the true book club. Everyone respects your choice, and you seem to be glued together if you have shared interest in reading (not only on the same genre, but reading as an ideal activity) - and you have shared experiences in reading the same book - in this case, we are all dedicated to read (and some already read and willing to re-read) Ermita and Rosales Saga. We, having the same advocacy of enriching Philippine Lit, have full of feels. We even dedicate our group masthead to the National Artist, as our drive to render effort to read all his works this year.

Jungle of Books: Mind Your Head!
People walking and people minding their heads.
 Ara, Clai, Ella, and Phoebe, enjoying the jungle of books and having their solo moments.

 Groupies: We do not just love the books, we also love picture taking. HAHA

Too much feels: Everyone simply felt infinite
Phoebe and her open-minded boyfriend. :P
And Ella, having her moments of trolling around the Spanish Reads! 
Oooh, love love this portrait~ (And Ayban missed the photobombing haha)
What is this abstract picture, I cannot even!
Hmmm, what is this though?
We are the bookish people that bond together and stays together. :) 

Photos are owned by Phoebe Andamo. Read her tweets about political rants, manga fangirling, and buhay-buhay bitterness here.

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