In Our Darkest, In Our Brightest

BrightestBrightest by Johann de Venecia

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Firefly. There is something symbolic about this being. It may not be noticeable during the daytime, but it is when the dark comes, its light shall shine.

Brightest, a children’s book, is about a firefly catcher that got lost in a mushroom patch. As he tried to find his way home, he met a lost firefly. And with a smile they became friends, and both found their way home.

In an orange book with simplistic illustrations, looking at the panels is not enough – albeit it is a children’s book with beautiful sketches, it needs the eyes and the soul of the reader for one to convey its true message. And for me, this book is meant to be read by a parent or a guardian to a kid. The story will make you move in a depth might bring you to tears – for you may pour out all your own stories of darkness, of hope, and of our beauty. By reading this to the kids, we are not just reading the lines, or showing the pictures, but also we are sharing our own stories, teaching the life lessons that one has to impart to another.
For when we’re in our darkest time, we see our own light.
For when we’re about to be forgotten, we tend to remember.
For when we are lost, we are bound to be found.

These are some of the lessons that one should not forget, and these are some that needs to be bequeathed.

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