Abused Storyline + Heist + Exes = Different Chic-lit

My Imaginary ExMy Imaginary Ex by Mina V. Esguerra

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Having a heist plot with flashback effects and making it fit in a little chic-lit novella is really amusing. I cannot help but gush over the skill of the author having the capacity to put the plot and make it so cohesive, it captured the target market of women and teens who giddy over a good read and the man of their dreams.

While Zack and Jasmine are good friends, they played with the relationship, for the sake of the anecdotes that they keep. You know the memories from the old times that you cherish, or if you're brave enough - told then anonymously through sharing of your experiences? They have that. The feeling of a shared experience is very much present between the two characters. Some girls will feel grateful that they have had that with their special someone, for the memories lingered on and on - especially those good ones.

Zack moved on, and fell in love, but you cannot help but wish that these two friends will cross their paths again and again, and finally, be honest about their feelings to each other and will end up together. Yes, Mina will give you the treat, but the value-added of a weird situation where all exes gather together is a bit of different, but a laughtrip still.

What else? There are still glitches in our femme fatale named Jasmine but we learned to love her character still. And we still learned to hate Kimmy from the eyes of the former. We are still sold to the idea.

And all the feels of mushyness - totally sold. That's why the abused plot plus those different add-ons made this novel very much loveable.

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