Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books Goes To: Museo Pambata

Hi Fellow Readers!

This is me doing the storytelling. Halata bang first-timer? :)

I started joining book clubs last year, as my response to a friend who invited me to sign up and catalog my books in Goodreads. Thrust into the world of book discussions, bookish shopping, field trips and friendships - once a year they conduct an outreach program - to keep in touch with fellow readers and inspire them to enrich their hearts through the power of literature.

The first outreach that I have attended officially is the TFG Outreach Activity: Kaibigang Ermita Outreach Foundation, Manila. I enjoyed doing the activities, the sharing, and all the fun and feels with the teens, who are inspired to read not only the short stories required by the schools, but also the English novels that are highly recommended. Photos though, are posted officially in the facebook group. You may see the pictures here. (send me a message if you cannot see them, and I shall liaise you to the moderators, thanks)

While The Filipino Group catered young adults, the newest book club I joined named Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books catered to the kids - those who are in the pre-teen, young, innocent, and very-noisy-and-sometimes-annoying-years. This summer, we all have had our field trip to the Museo Pambata. 

Forgive me for shouting this but: ANG SAYA SA MUSEO! PERSTAYM KO KASI!

Again, because of the perks and burden of being a vampire accountant, I was one of the first batch of members who arrived at the museum. And with that, me and Ayban and Jhive have the luxury to have a look-around and enjoyed the interactive tools and colorful sections. 

Before lunch time the other members arrived and we set up the place to where the actual program will be held. Composing of us members plus the 36 kids and two administrators - we anticipated that the program will be full of energy.


Each member became an insta-parent, having to make bantay the kids. And be with them at all times. HAHAHA, tiring but awesome. 

We have had the tour with them. Cute! Most of us are first-timers so everyone became kids instantly. 
Tour guide Mara was with us. But she let us play first before ringing the bell and going to another section of the Museo
Novelty Jeep is the best ride ever in The Old Manila
Free-reading sessions: Kids are not only enjoying the interactive, but also the exhibited books
Anong amoy nito?
Ella: Magkano dalawang kilo? Kid: Kwarenta
"Sandali lang, hindi pa luto!"
"Mangga kayo riyan!"
"Tinapay po?"
When the kids are away, we became kids. THIS IS SUPERFUN!
Ayban and his dream to be a Children's book Illustrator
Ella, the twitter queen, sees all her minions hanging above her - like her free-thinking-thoughts.
Tired but happy
May sunog ba?
After the tour, we officially started our program. With Berto's prayers of gratitude and blessing, we proceeded with storytelling sessions and games. And EAT EAT EAT and being merry with the kids. Afterwards, we officially donated our books that have been compiled for the activity, and gave some backpack to the kids before the school starts.

Joanne, author of Brightest, reads her own book to the kids

Some of the books donated included the Trese Komiks, and I am a fan of the Philippine folklore  in black-and-white graphics

Charlotte acknowledging the overwhelming donations for the kids

"Ano ang laman ng bag? Lahat ito kailangan sa pasukan!"

Gandaah natin, tara - picture!

Everyone is overjoyed and filled with all those heart-warming-feels. We knew then that the activity is very successful, going home with all the smiles in our hearts and enriched souls. 

Members of the PRPB enjoying the success of the program

We're not only riding jeepneys, but helicopters too!
We all felt that in our own little way, we made a miracle that day. 
We were simply grateful.

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  1. nice artik, Ella! :) Hope to be able to talk to you next time. ^_^

  2. You actually did a great job on storytelling. Konti na lang puede mo na siyang karirin. Good Job! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Salamat po~
      Gusto ko ngang ulitin, next time around lalagyan ko na ng sound effects at music para matuwa sila. :)