Book Trip: Manila Noir Book Launch

We are the laslas girls
And we wanted an emotional mess.
Ergo, we welcome the "Noir feel".

The laslas girl group started this year, when all of us wanted to explore the books having themes of depression and suicide. Ella, being the matronic reader, wanted to explore the depths of having these emotions and able to reflect the insights and moments of the characters. She invited Tricia - the girl who is an avid fan of this genre, able to read Girl, Interrupted and able to share her feelings about it. Cary and Anna joined too, as they would like to be immersed in the same feel.

We started to read Jay Asher's first novel, Th1rteen R3asons Why and giving ourselves two-week reading window. BUT WE FAST-READ INSTEAD, finishing the whole book in one week. And as part of the bonding, we met and joined to the book launch last Saturday. 

Laslas girls (from left to right): Anna, Tricia, Cary and Ella. The man in the middle is Jayson!

Manila Noir, a part of the Akashic Book Series, had its first launch last July 6th at National Book Store Glorietta 1.  Gathering all these award-winning Filipino writers and contributed their piece of dark and gothic noir-feel, they made this anthology known to the Philippine market, via Anvil Publishing. The good thing about the anthology is that they introduced a fiction in a graphic form - introducing Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's Trese into the international market.

Introducing the noir feel - the laslas girl group are instant fans of Manila Noir, and decided to invite every reader to appreciate the anthology soonest. We are to open a buddy read online, having free-posting as the basic rule.

Ella is late, because she slept the whole morning - with the staple reason of tremendous workloads. She came just about the time Jessica Hagedorn introduces the works of prized writers. But she registered late, having the rest of the laslas girls the greater opportunity to sign their books at an earlier time. That's why she became impatient and - yea, irate - of waiting for her turn. Imagine her other girl friends able to see the writers earlier than her. And they HAVE PHOTOS WITH THEM.

Ella is irate. I should mark this blogsite as iamirateella.com, shouldn't I? :P

I hope we girls can finish the book soonest and have another set of girl-bonding, bringin the noir feel, having emo-emo messy moments, and just talk and laugh and feel depress about it. We shall have our own blades soon. AHAHAHAHA.

But first, we put up another thread for another book - Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak - another first novel of the author - with the same depressed theme. This, marked as to read, and then the Manila Noir. We promise!

Photos are owned by Tricia and Aenna. Follow Tricia's photo-journal here and Anna's rants and raves here.

PS: I just found my other pictures in facebook - and so I shall post them here. Thanks Anna!

An irate episode - They have numbers 39, 40 and 41 while I got 86. Talk about being late.

Emir and Ella, the irate lady 

Nearing completion - Ella had her turn and they signed the book. YAAAY!

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  1. I'm really, really jealous. Hmp.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Sayang, sana sumama ka last time. Biglaang yayaan rin lang kasi. :)

  2. Really love the photos!
    Mukhang binabasag ka ni Emir ah. hehehe :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Not just "mukha", talagang binabasag ako ni Emir! ahahaha