Love is Portrayed via Paradox

The Secret Language of Love: A Visual Treasury of Love Through the AgesThe Secret Language of Love: A Visual Treasury of Love Through the Ages by Megan Tresidder

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A treasury of knowledge and principles taken from the philosophies - from the ancient times to the contemporary, the Secret Language of Love is a bucketful of insights taken from different angles.

On a perspective of a writer, Megan Tresidder started the compilations about love from its anatomy and dimensions, to the language itself - and ended it with how people designed it - or building the archetype of love.

From our need to our perceptions of it, the writings filled with poems and portfolios, and pictures that we all adore. Amorous and heartfelt, the writings give a take not only of how love is desired and hated at the same time, and how one can aspire for love, yet we take them for granted.

It contained also the paradoxes of love - from our affiliations with fairytales, to narcissim, and to giving ourselves for the sake of the beloved. I really wanted to quote all of them, but quoting her words will spoil you, as you wished to see the epistles with your own eyes and reflect on your own, immersing in the phases of your own love story, may it be glorious or unfortunate.

what I liked the most is how she ended the book with Tolstoy's lesson imparted to the future generations -
"Tolstoy reminds us that ultimately lovers cannot forget the real world in which they have to live."

For the ultimate paradox of love is that we tend to forget everything once we felt it. And it is not just when we felt it - it is also once we decide to feel it, prioritizing it above everything else.

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