False Reco?

I believe there are no false recommendations in a good read. Yes, a recommendation is subjective in nature, but there are some books that are excellent for some people, while for others... you just MEH about it.

Anyways, I bought this book during a sale in Powerbooks Greenbelt, at the same date that I got my powerbooks membership card~ I got curious about the author because of the recommendations from friends to read his work On the Road, which is also a film available via torrents (haha!). Since On the Road is not on sale, I thought that I may try his other works. The story is poignant, the blurb says. 

Ella was sold to the idea that this maybe part of her matronic reads.

The book was stuck in my office locker for weeks due to many stuff needed to be done... but I finally found the time to fast read over the weekend in my favorite spot - the famous Starbucks drive-thru, Bonifacio Global City. 

"You have to put up with life." -page45
It consisted of more than 40 chapters! And it was about a teenager who fell in love with an Irish lady named Maggie Cassidy. It gives you a background of the events during the 1939's America - the time of Depression, of cotton mills - and of, not exactly western, but countryside setting.

Actually, knowing that this is a love story - I was looking for the poignant parts to where it would give you some fanservice - or maybe the "matronic element" that would bring the reader to the tears. Unluckily, I found none. A facebook friend says that this is an anti-reader... maybe because it will add up to your reading slump, or might make you feel bored. 

For me, I JUST FELT MEH. Like eating a tasteless cake. I wonder why.

But I told you from the start, there is no false recommendation. What we all have is our own personal take to the books we read. 

You might have a different take in Kerouac's craft, but in the meantime, ingest this:
No. Sorry. I am looking for that redeeming point in the novel. But the tone of the story is so dragging and... JUST. NO.

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