The Help: Books for a Cause

Information Dissemination Duties: as member of the Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books in goodreads who advocates spreading the joy of reading to Filipinos all over the world, I am advertising our drive.

You may go to our facebook page and choose from the donated books that we have, we have a huge array of selections and other prized collections. You may also go to our website to directly communicate with the online administrator and moderators of our online group.
The proceeds will go to the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda, and we are very hopeful to reach all of them, especially to those localities that are less focused by media and by worldwide organizations. 

[Apologies for the late post / advertisement; but I hope I can be of help inasmuch as I can; even with this simple blog post. Still, kudos to Biena and to all members who pioneered this project!]

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