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Babylon Revisited (Penguin Mini Modern Classics)Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"I am the exception that proves no rules, the limits of your control, the condiment in the dish of life."

The book is pretty straight-forward and simple, arching the idea of Alcohol abuse as the central theme of the three following short stories: Babylon Revisited, Cut-glass Bowl, and The Lost Decade. The first short story is inspired by the author's true story of gaining custody of her daughter over the latter's aunt. After reading the collections did I know that Fitzgerald suffered this kind of episode at one point of his life.

In addition, this also seen the bitter reality of the year where the Great Depression started. It may lack development, or the transition from the Golden Years, but the stories, no matter how concise, depicted the frustrations of its people suffering from this hardship, emanating the sentiments of how fast The American Boom went by.

Try these short reads - you will know why F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered a classic, and a required read to American students.

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