That Hole, Up In The Mountain

Brokeback MountainBrokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx

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“There was some open space between what he knew and what he tried to believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you can't fix it you've got to stand it.”

And that, my friends, is how people have dreams. The hole that will never be filled may linger for years. It will haunt you. It will be part of your system. It will eat your resolve.

Brokeback mountain is a short Wyoming cowboy story. But this is not just a story of two cowboys who herded sheep, but also a prose of their love and of their unfortunate ways to keep its warmth. At first you may get bored on the setting and their mundane tasks, but as you go along, you start to feel whatever they felt when they became close. You started to feel their frustration, their fears, and their hope to make their plans work.

But as the story end, you cannot just help them. Because that open space will never be filled by anyone, it can be only done by the one.

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