Homage to Murakami? No.

Utsubora - The Story of a NovelistUtsubora - The Story of a Novelist by Asumiko Nakamura

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"That misaligned dual viewpoint is what allows for a three-dimensional field of vision. That you have two points of view - subjective and objective. It's through sustaining the misaligned pair in tandem that our world becomes real."

Delivered via Royal Mail (view spoiler), this one-volume manga by Asumiko Nakamura explores the visions of a writer being tangled in a crime. One has to be challenged in a non-linear writing style, in its gothic strokes of black and white, and in its sensual experiment of drawing a scene where an intercourse is not done, but still made it amorous.

The first read is a challenging, all the while I thought I was able to solve the mystery, but it left me with questions of WHYs. What is the relationship of the author with the woman? What is the relevance of the phone? Why is the police so attached to the case? Why is the editor so puzzled? The graphic novel gave a hangover, more than a day and compelled me to do a re-read.

The second read made me understand some of the shouts, and of reflections (or you may call it introspection, I guess?) I cannot spoil the reader much, one has to be curious enough to read the book and join the adventure. :)

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