Codename Tutubi

Tutubi, Tutubi, 'Wag Kang Magpahuli sa Mamang SalbaheTutubi, Tutubi, 'Wag Kang Magpahuli sa Mamang Salbahe by Jun Cruz Reyes

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It was supposed to be a satirical outburst of the character named Jojo, a scholar in a State University relating to the few days after the declaration of Martial Law... but it ended with an unresolved question that none of the characters answered to conclude the story. It felt open-ended. It left me with more questions, actually.

The epilogue made me shed a tear. People are taught to forgive and forget, but the experience was too hurtful, it cut so deep, that even I, as a reader, find it hard to forgive whatever they did, and finally forget the horror it caused.

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