Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books Goes To: Cavite

This is a good result of a good advocacy. 
The advocacy of this group is to read the works of the Filipino writers and patronize them. It is the responsibility of the Filipinos, from all walks of life, to promote patriotism through literature. Thus this book club is named Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books

A teacher. A student. An accountant. A historian. An IT consultant. A writer. All readers.
We all went to visit two of the five authors of the short story anthology Mga Agos sa Disyerto, Ka-Efren Abueg and Ka-Roger Ordoñez. Reflecting on the stories on how the book came into life, their golden years and the dark ages - those haunted by the stories of Martial Law, all of us felt their imprint and their contributions in defining true literature.

And the food was awesome. Too many to mention! We fed our souls and stomachs heartily.  :)

Above are some of the awards Ka-Roger showed us. 

Pagpapakilala - each and everyone introduced themselves. Their interests, their profession, and some of their quirky personalities.

We also have had the side trip to the residence of the First President of the Philippine Republic, General Emilio Aguinaldo. And yeah, the historic feel left us in awe.

Magdalo group "daw": We all posed with the MCDO sign :))
A side snapshot: Me posing in Aguinaldo's luxury car. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We also went to the Bacoor Church, where the National Hero priest Zamora was given a death sentence. 

Pagod at Uhaw: Sa kaalaman, sa panitikan, sa tubig
The book-lovers that prays together, stays together

At the end of the day, we visited the Roxas Boulevard, held a biglaang outreach and watch the sunset together. :)

And thus the sunset to end the day worthwhile.

(some of the photos were taken by Reev Robledo, visit his site http://reevwrites.wordpress.com/)

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