This Book = Tears

The History of LoveThe History of Love by Nicole Krauss

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This is the first book in 2013 that gives me this heart-breaking-heart-warming emotion that you just cannot compel yourself to stop crying. And i really mean crying for I am still crying as I type this.

Krauss, if you have the same writing style as your husband, you are lucky for I read this first. My heart pours out of all heart-warming emotions as you end the book. It left me too many questions to think about. Too many things to ponder about.

Am I really invisible? I'm still crying in this coffee shop yet no one notices me. Do I plan to be noticed by someone tonight? Ella, stop crying. You have had enough tears shed.

I'm okay, Kuya Barista. I'm just through with the best book I've read in 2013. And yet...

This is such a wonderful read.

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