Fleeting and Eternal

The Voices of a Distant Star -Hoshi no Koe -The Voices of a Distant Star -Hoshi no Koe - by Makoto Shinkai

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"We are both here, because we're destined to meet again."

Makoto Shinkai became also known as a good movie maker since the time this was put into the big screen. But in this take, together with mangaka Mizu Sahara, the characters portrayed the melancholic emotions and able the reader to symphathized with these two old friends, Noboru and Mikako.

The manga leave the readers a hint of hope, instead of thinking of them as star-crossed lovers, they gave a room to imagine the next panels - what will happen to the rescue mission, and those look of longings when the 25-year-old Noboru meets the 16-year-old Mikako.

After all, they may be lovers separated by time and space, but they are fated to meet at one point in their wandering lives.

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